Bundling can save you money!

By now everybody has heard of “bundling.” And how it can save you money. Flo talks about it. That gecko talks about it. Its a good way to save. I’ve done it with my car insurance. You can do that when Shop with I.B.A. I have the 3 pack and its saves a ton of money.

You can get electronic protection from those nerds in blue, and get tech help on a whole 2 items in your house. Really? 2?

Or you can choose us and get tech help on ALL of your electronic items. Computers, smartphones, tablets and more. And it already cost less than those blue nerds.

Do you spend a lot of time in your car? More importantly, do you have a new driver, or someone starting college? Being safe in your car is important also. I.B.A. knows that, and we offer Roadside Protection that is better, and more affordable than the competition. Our Roadside plan covers two drivers, no matter what car they are in. That is true protection.

And what about Identity Protection? You see the adds on TV nearly every day. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. We bring you a plan that not only offers the best protection, it does it at a better price. Because that is what we do. Bring you a better product, at a better price.

But where does bundling come in?

All those services I mentioned are usually brought to you by separate companies. But I.B.A. is different. As a service oriented company, we bring several products together under our name. That is why we have chosen to bring these three particular items into one bundle. Specially designed to save you even more money than our already low prices.

Please check out the many ways ICON Business Advantage can save you money, and help you succeed.