Our Approach

At IBA we believe in value for the money. That is why we only partner with companies that share this philosophy. David Alan Capital, Sphere Financial, Relevate, SNI Health Coverage and more. So we can bring you a better product than you are using now, and at a better price.

Our belief

We believe you are just like us. If Company A has a good product for a dollar, and Company B has a product that is just as good, or even a little better for 90 cents, you would choose Company B. So would we. We work hard for our dollars, just like you. So we like to make the most of those dollars, just like you do.

What should you do next?

We could talk all day about how good we are. But that doesn't really prove anything. Take us out for a test run. Get a quote. See how we treat you. Talk to one of our terrific customer services people. Make us prove what we say.