Getting to know ICON Business Advantage

Hi, my name is Leigh, and I own ICON Business Advantage.

So what’s that?

I refer to it as a -One stop shop- for all your business needs.

All of them?

Well, maybe not all of them. But a lot if them. We are part David Allen Capital, to bring you much needed working business capital when you need it most. And we do it in less than a week, with no fees. Even when the banks say no, we have been able to get businesses much needed funding.

We also work with Anovia merchant processing. Their focus on the needs of small to medium sized business, has given them the ability to have the lowest cost possible. And with no hidden fees. A+ rated by the BBB, they have industry leading customer support, and actively work with their customers to succeed.

I’m not done yet. We also bring you Voice for Business, Enterprise IT, Professional Managed Services,  Business Mobile, Data and Internet, Cloud Services, and introducing Vonage Business. Which if you get through us, will include Amazon Chime, free.

Do you have employees? If you do, you know what an important part of your business they are. Offer them something that shows it. Even if you are too small a business to have health  insurance, you can still give your employees the gift of Telecare. Virtual Doctor visits from the comfort of home. Even doctors agree that 80% of all clinic visits could be done from home. No co-pay. No deductible. And no dragging sick kids out in the middle of the night. With Telecare, help is just a call away.

We also offer many personal services and products for the family and individual. All at a great savings

I.D. protection that is better than the one you see spending millions of dollars on T.V. ads. More coverage and more features at a better price. You can cover your entire family including children. A big target for identity thieves.

Telecare for the family. You can speak to a Board Certified Doctor, anytime of the day, by smart phone, computer or telephone. No more sitting in a waiting room full of other sick people. And if you need a prescription, it will be called in to the pharmacy of your choosing.

Tech Support that covers everything you own. Not just two items like the other guys.

Roadside Assistance. Towing, a jump, out of gas or in the ditch. Our service covers two drivers, in any vehicle they are in.

And Cartripple. Just for fun, this free app lets you shop from your phone, save money and get rebates. It also lets you do a search for whatever you are shopping for, and see if it is offered cheaper somewhere else. Its a fun and free useful app.

Last  I want to mention Youngevity Nutrition. If you are at all concerned about your health, you owe it to yourself to try what I have found to be the best supplement line ever. Youngevity Nutrition is based on the findings of Dr. Wallach. A physician with over 35 years experience, and a world leading expert on nutrition. People have reported amazing health benefits from using their products. Plus they offer literally thousands of other products. From essential oils, Spa and Beauty, Jewelry, Scrapbooking and much more. Check it out here >

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Thanks for checking out my pages, and I hope to see you back here again.